How the future will be like with Technology

Technology has evolved at such an incredible rate over the last two decades or so that we cannot even imagine where it will take us next. From 3D printing to virtual reality, artificial intelligence to robotics, and drones to driverless cars – the possibilities are endless and growing rapidly every day. Which of these technologies do you believe will transform our lives the most very shortly?

Virtual Reality

What can be more immersive than being able to walk around a new city or visit your favorite locations without having to get on a plane?


These little flying robots have become increasingly common with hobbyists using them for photography, aerial videoing, real estate inspections, and deliveries. In the coming years however they could be used to help save a life by delivering first aid or even transporting people.

 Driverless Cars

The concept of self-driving cars is perhaps one of the most well-known uses of technology today. It might not be as far off as some think though. As more sensors are developed to send information about the world outside the car to inside systems, this technology will improve exponentially to better interpret what is happening around the vehicle and respond accordingly… ​

Artificial Intelligence

We’re already seeing how technology is making its way into our professional lives so it is only natural that it will also start to change our personal lives too. This AI will probably be everywhere and do everything we ask of it. How else would you explain self-driving cars or domestic robots?

Wearable Tech

 The idea of wearing tech like Google Glass while out and about just doesn’t sound right now but there are quite a lot of potential wearable devices still in their early days. With all of the different industries working together to create useful products, I am sure we will see many innovative ways to make wearable tech work in everyday life!

Augmented Reality

You may have heard of augmented reality before, especially within the gaming community. There were a couple of startups trying to turn this into a mainstream product but unfortunately, those projects didn’t catch on. However, if the recent developments continue we could potentially start seeing augmented reality being integrated into everyday life. Imagine being able to use it to read product labels or instructions or view street maps.

Online Doctor

Many people don’t realize that online doctor apps such as Doctissimo are becoming more popular in certain countries. They are essentially web-based medical clinics that provide diagnosis and treatment services. Since they offer patients affordable access to high-quality doctors, I expect that more and more people from low-income families will soon be visiting these sites.

Sleep Tracking

 If you want further proof that the future will be more connected then look no further than sleep tracking. Our body temperatures drop when we go to bed, which allows our computers to know whether we’re asleep.


 A simple search online will tell you why this is going to be big. Lots of companies are focusing on creating home automation solutions that allow us to control lights, appliances, or security systems remotely regardless of where we are.

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